Our Leadership


Patrick Rood

Patrick is the owner and one of visionaries of our "firm of the future". His background in working with international companies across sectors, entrepreneurship, and coupled with his education at Baker & Rowan University have paved the way for our current success. He has led with a strong desire to meet the clients where they are and to not allow state borders to hinder us from serving those that need our help. 


Anke Van Der Burgh

Anke is our VP of Marketing & Strategy and creator of our data entry team here at Rood Financial. Her experience from owning a virtual assistant company has helped improve our ability to service our clients in a timely manner.


Daniel Mallozzi

 Here at Rood Financial Services Dan is spearheading much of the firms expansion & client retention as our head Account Manager.  Since joining our team in 2017, Dan has helped us secure our strong client base and aims to continue doing so until our presence is felt all across the country. Feel free to connect with him directly at Accountmanagers@roodfinancial.us